You just need a simple way to scan that barcode and get your device information. It really shouldn’t be that hard. Now it isn’t.

Everyone has a smartphone. Well, almost everyone. Which means [almost] everyone has a barcode scanner in their pocket. We thought it would be cool if you could use your phone to scan any UDI barcode and instantly get your device information. For free. You know what? It is cool.

It is no secret that the FDA is requiring all medical device manufacturers to creat unique device identifiers (UDI) for the instruments and devices they produce. The UDIs are stored in a federal public database (GUDID), along with important device information. So what? Without access to an ERP that actually has these barcodes referenced, and without access to a scanner that is hooked into that ERP, the data doesn’t really do you much good. Until now.

UDidentify is our FREE iOS and Android app that let’s you easily scan UDI barcodes, validate them against the HIBCC, GS1, and ICCBA standards, verify them in the GUDID database and see critical device information on screen, immediately. You can scan them one at a time, or multiple barcodes on a packing sheet, all at once. You can even track a history of all the devices you’ve scanned, even after the labels and packaging have been thrown away.

“Sure, that’s all great,” you say. “But how do I access that information in a way that’s useful to more than just me?” Well, we’re glad you asked. If you create a free account using your email address, not only can you view your history on multiple devices, you can also email your scanned devices to yourself, your distributor, an administrator, your neighbor … whoever. It’s completely up to you.

UDidentify will be available on Google Play and the Apple App Store soon!

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