It started with 10,000 songs in your pocket. Today, we’ve got all your inventory. Now that’s progress.

10 years ago, iPhones didn’t exist. For most of us, 10 years ago doesn’t exist. So why do we insist on using decades-old, error-prone paper processes for some of our most critical information? That’s a good question.

In healthcare, things can happen fast. The ability to access your information at a glance without slowing down is a big deal. That’s why we created vTrakr: a mobile app for sales reps and supply chain pros always on the go. With quick access to schedule and view cases, inventory on-hand, device stats, and usage tickets, the only thing slowing you down will be your fingers.

Need to find an implant you know you have? Need to request inventory for an upcoming case? Maybe you need to transfer devices to someone else? With ConnectSx vTrakr, you can search and view your complete inventory, request new or restock trays and devices, and initiate or accept whole or partial transfers, all from your smart phone. It’s like the future, but without the wait.

When a case is over, you need to validate the device usage you recorded during the surgery. You need signatures and documentation and–yes–copies. With vTrakr you can review device usage and submit (and print*) your signed device usage tickets right from your iPhone. We’d say that sounds crazy … but we know it’s true.

*Not that we need to say this, but if you want to print, you’ll need an airprint capable printer. Trust us, it’s totally worth it. 

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