Patented technology. Logical workflow. Critical knowledge.

Yeah, we’ve got that.

Knowledge is power. Delivering critical knowledge in the operating room at exactly the right moment … now that’s powerful. Welcome to vTray.

Things move fast in the OR. Slowing down can have real consequences for surgical outcomes, and yet many of us are stuck using antiquated, manual methods to track inventory use and comply with federal regulations. vTray changes that with a virtual representation of your devices, easy touch selection for inventory tracking, and a digital record that can be signed and delivered in the OR, immediately.

Compliance is a critical part of the surgical value chain. Even so, it’s rarely easy. UDI has the potential for real impact; it also has the potential for real consequences. We have designed vTray to leverage our patent-pending UDIcon to address the technical limitations for marking small class I devices. More importantly, our platform will accommodate whatever tracking method you ultimately decide to use (barcode, direct mark, cross reference, etc.). Because in the end, flexibility wins.

Surgical device innovation happens every day. New products come into the market all the time. Sales reps and surgical teams can’t always keep up, and effective training isn’t always readily available. What if there was a way to use mobile technology to deliver surgical technique and instructions for use in the OR, during the case, right when it’s needed most? That would be cool, huh? Surgical technique guides; instructions for use; sterilization instructions; images and videos; all broken down step by step. That is cool. That’s vTray.

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