Track. Manage. Train. Knowledge management for the entire surgical value chain

Manufacturers, Sales Reps, Surgical Teams. Everyone plays a role in providing value to the patient. We help you do what you need to do, better.

  • Take control of your inventory

  • Simplify case scheduling and management

  • Deliver knowledge, in and out of the OR

  • Effectively track UDIs

  • Minimize billing and invoicing errors

  • Reduce payment time to improve cashflow

  • Reduce product and productivity waste

  • Use data to improve patient outcomes and inspire innovation

All from your laptop, tablet, and smart phone. Seriously.

The connectSx (pronounced “Kuh-nex”) platform is purpose-built for Web and mobile (iOS) devices. Support for Android devices is coming soon.

We’re focused on the entire value chain, not just one link.

It would be easy to say that we’re a supply chain solution. We are. But we’re much more than that.


Complete visibility, deep usage insights, simplified compliance, and improved accuracy to support innovation and the bottom line.

Sales Reps

Increased efficiency, integrated tools, and critical automation without compromising speed, all to help you better serve your customers.


Transparency, metrics, and in-OR education to support and enhance your operation, creating potential for improved patient outcomes.

Healthcare needs innovators. It needs leaders. It needs manufacturers and distributors and sales reps and health systems committed to the possibilities, not limited by the current reality. Healthcare needs ConnectSx.

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